During some sort of existential crisis last year, during which I determined that working in advertising was not the great passion in my life, I took off to Paris for a couple of weeks. I wanted to experience the small details of Parisian life, and see what made the city so magical. Right now feels like a good time to revisit the beauty of Paris.
  1. My flat in Le Marais
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    I could not get over the amazing sky and these amazing roofs and the sunlight at every time of day. I spent hours hanging out of the window.
  2. Cheese and wild strawberries
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    The cheese at home was not at all like this.
  3. Baguette and wild strawberries
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    It was strawberry season and I got hooked on this £8-a-pint nature's candy.
  4. The stairs
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    I took a video of how long it took to descend from my flat. 3 minutes. So much cardio.
  5. Bo bùn
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    Toronto has amazing Asian food, but the best Bo Bùn I have ever had came from Le Petit Cambodge. I may have gone twice.
  6. Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
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    I wandered in here during European Museum Night while I was looking for a totally different museum. Dude, there were owls on the ceiling.
  7. Le Marais at night
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    The view from my flat never got old.
  8. Gluten-free Madeleines
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    At the Place Baudoyer-Marché Equitable.
  9. Baguette
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    Mais oui!
  10. Chocolat chaud
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    From Rose Bakery. Another best-in-the-world moment.
  11. Street art
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    All over the place, and all beautiful.
  12. Gelato
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    I took a recommendation from David Sedaris and went to Pozzetto, a little hardcore Italian gelato place. I wanted to try every flavour, and thanks to the world's most generous gelato scooper, I almost did.
  13. Macaron
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    As if anyone could be in Paris and not have a million of these as little snacks.
  14. Secret courtyards
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    These were tucked into every little corner. I was peering through a gate and a woman who lived in the building asked if I would like to come in; this is what I had been trying to catch a glimpse of.
  15. The streets
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    And the street signs. Everything is more lovely in Paris.
  16. Thousands of cheeses
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    No explanation required.