You know all those movies that absolutely everyone has seen and they become cultural touch points and there's pretty much no way you wouldn't have seen them? Well, I probably haven't seen them. My family is Mennonite so that's my excuse. BONUS: I have included my impression of what each movie is about.
  1. Titanic
    Spoiler alert: the ship sinks. Not sure if Kate and Leo die.
  2. Ghost
    Someone dies and comes back to make sexy pottery.
  3. Fatal Attraction
    Actually no idea.
  4. Jurassic Park
    Dinosaurs take over and everyone wears cargo shorts.
  5. Top Gun
    Tom Cruise flies a plane. Aviator glasses became very trendy after this.
  6. Dirty Dancing
    Baby is in a corner and she should not be there. No idea who baby is or if this is a literal or figurative corner.
  7. Basic Instinct
    Sharon Stone uncrosses and re-crosses her legs many times.
  8. Forrest Gump
    There is a lot of running and a box of chocolates.
  9. Schindler's List
    Someone named Schindler had a list and it was related to the war and the Holocaust. I feel culturally insensitive that I don't know more.
  10. Terminator
    He'll be back. That's why there is a sequel.
  11. Dances With Wolves
    Kevin Costner and wolves...are there really wolves? No idea about the plot.
  12. Gladiator
    Russell Crowe is a gladiator and there is a lot of grunting and killing.
  13. Brokeback Mountain
    It's about gay cowboys. No?
  14. Slumdog Millionnaire
    This movie won a lot of awards.
  15. A Beautiful Mind
    Russell Crowe's brain is different from everyone else's.
  16. The 40-Year-Old Virgin
    Steve Carell has an experience with waxing.
  17. Zoolander
    Blue steel.
  18. Austin Powers
    Mike Myers plays a lot of characters and they seem to all have European accents.
  19. Borat
    Culturally insensitive.
  20. American Pie
    I play the flute and I can't even appreciate the band camp joke.