Radical Stuff I Wore in the '80s

Inspired by @mallofamanda
  1. Striped Benetton shirt
    Oversized with rolled-up sleeves and popped collar.
  2. Levi's 501 jeans
    Pretty sure they were men's. And they were also oversized (I love oversized things). I wore those jeans until they were my proper size and they literally fell apart (in the early 90's).
  3. Hypercolor shirt
    Mine was the same color way as the photo but a short-sleeved tee. Aside: how was this a good idea? It changed colour anywhere it was warm, which was all the places it touched your body — so your underarms and the tops of your boobs (horrifying to a not-quite-pubescent girl) were pretty much always on display.
  4. Jelly shoes
    I wore mine with my favourite pair of cat-patterned socks and they ended up covered in blood from the places the shoes tore up my feet.
  5. Stirrup pants
    Hopelessly unflattering.
  6. Slouch socks
    Over the stirrup pants.
  7. Large plastic earrings
    From stores with names like Coconut Joe and Karuba.
  8. Oversized neon t-shirts
    My rotation consisted of pink, orange, and green.
  9. Oversized patterned sweatshirts
    I actually owned a sweatshirt that had a giant cat face on the front.
  10. Reeboks
    Awesome with the slouch socks and stirrup pants (my ankles have never been so well protected).
  11. A dress made of acetate
    With polka-dots and a large bow and a lace collar! It was from Marks & Spencer and I thought it was the coolest because it was foreign. I wish I was kidding. Also: what was the deal with my hair?! (I used to brush it and then scrunch it with mousse and Aussie Sprunch Spray...so I've answered my own question.)
  12. Scrunchie
    With the high side half pony and large bangs.