I don't even know why I bother setting an alarm.
  1. Paw in the eye
    Clearly hoping I am blinded and mistake a can of tuna for a can of cat food.
  2. Sitting on my neck
    With her butt on my face.
  3. Vomit/hairball
    Bonus points for when it happens on the bed right next to me.
  4. Scratching at the door
    When I think that keeping her out of my room will help, this happens instead.
  5. Loud meowing
    I think she has discovered punctuation. She has started using upspeak in her meows and is now losing credibility.
  6. Chainsaw-volume purring
    Directly in my ear. She's really happy to be alive every single day!
  7. Drooling
    On my face. Because when she purrs a lot she also drools.
  8. But I just can't stay mad at this.
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