1. January
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    Road trip with my dog to start the year off right.
  2. February
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    This is the only selfie I took in the month of February! I look like a very sad child detective!
  3. March
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    That time I dressed as an eccentric aging artist who lives in a hip industrial loft downtown and has a much younger lover.
  4. April
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    My Vegas hotel room bad Guy Fieri mirror decals so...
  5. May
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    The birthday bitch wears the hat.
  6. June
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    That time I went to a MadonnaRama Gay Dance Party and was maybe mistaken for a drag queen.
  7. July
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    Happy birthday to the U. S. of mothefucking A.
  8. August
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    When you're drinking a Bloody Mary in Palm Springs in a floppy hat, you are legally required to take a selfie.
  9. September
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    The Wednesday when I accidentally dressed as Wednesday.
  10. October
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    My dog turned 10! I am so fucking old.
  11. November
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    This is the only selfie I took in November. I honestly don't know what to say.
  12. December
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    Am I Christmas yet?