I'm a garbage person
  1. One chipped mug that reads "I woke up like this"
  2. The insides of a stuffed koala bear dog toy
  3. One slowly dying jade plant
  4. Season one of ALF on DVD
  5. One bottle of prescription medicine that expired at least three years ago
  6. A pair of boots held together with duct tape
  7. One dress I bought in 8th grade but won't throw away because some day it might come back into style
  8. One dog's birthday hat
  9. One comically stretched out hair rubberband
  10. One item of food that expired in 2014
  11. One kitchen utensil that has no apparent use
  12. One phone charger for a phone I haven't had since 2007
  13. One t-shirt for a high school production of The Miser
  14. One 31 year old woman who will probably die in an avalanche of unnecessary belongings