Inspired by @shantaroo's NYC list
  1. The Iliad - North Hollywood
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    I love this little used bookstore. They have a great selection and it's pretty well organized as far as used bookstores go. A great place to browse for an hour... or a few hours. Best purchase was probably this teen fan book on Top Pop Stars.
  2. The Last Bookstore - Downtown
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    This place is a downtown institution with both used and new books. The books are a little overpriced but I just love the vibe. It feels like more of an art exhibit than an actual store. Always bringing friends from out of town here.
  3. Stories Books and Cafe - Echo Park
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    I found out about this store because it's next to the 826LA Time Travel Mart, where I used to tutor, this store is small but has a very hip collection of books and some great pulp paperbacks. Found an advice book for secretaries and a NKITB biography.
  4. Book Soup - West Hollywood
    Another LA institution. Besides their great book selection they have a great selection of postcards and gift items. Also a great place for author readings.
  5. Skylight Books - Los Feliz
    Cute neighborhood bookstore. Reminds me the most of my favorite NYC bookstore, McNally Jackson.
  6. Vroman's Bookstore - Pasadena
    A great place to kill some time before a movie at the Laemmle. Also has a large selection of gifts and stationary. Very nice community feel.
  7. Dark Delicacies - Burbank
    This bookstore specializes in horror and also sells DVDs, CDs, horror themed action figures, trinkets and jewelry as well as a lot of incense. The most specialized store on my list, I just love how weird this place is. They have a lot of great small book signings and events.
  8. Barnes and Noble - The Grove
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    I had to include one chain bookstore, especially since there are only a few left. This Barnes & Noble is huge and well organized with a Starbucks and nice seating area. I try to frequent independent bookstores, but often B&N's selection and convenience wins out. This is my go-to place for last minute birthday/Christmas gifts. Where else can you find a signed copy of Snookie's novel?
  9. Brand Bookstore - Glendale
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    Okay, so according to Yelp this place is closed now, but I still wanted to include it. Another great used bookstore, similar to the Iliad. A little disorganized but a great place to find weird pulp paperback treasures. Still wish I had bought Seniors: Life of the Party.