Today's my birthday and it reminded me that you can get a lot of free stuff on your birthday!!
  1. Starbucks
    If you're a member you get a free beverage (or food item) on your birthday. And they might even spell your name right!
  2. Sephora
    Sign up to be a beauty insider and you get a free gift on your birthday. I get to choose between a mini Fresh face cream set or Marc Jacobs lipstick set. Hurrah!
  3. Baskin Robins
    Sign up for their email and you get a free ice cream on your birthday.
  4. Denny's
    You get a free Grand Slam breakfast on your birthday. No signing up required. All you need is a valid ID.
  5. Krispy Kreme
    Join their eclub and you get a free coffee and donut on your birthday.
  6. Jamba Juice
    A free small smoothie on your birthday. I think you're supposed to sign up for their club but last year I said I'd been told I could get a free smoothie and they gave one to me.
  7. Del Taco
    Sign up and get a free premium shake on your birthday.
  8. Big Mama and Papa's Pizza
    Tell them it's your birthday and you get a free motherfucking pizza!!
  9. Pinkberry
    Download the loyalty app and get a free small yogurt with toppings!
  10. Yogurtland
    Get anywhere from 3 - 16 ounces free yogurt depending on how many loyalty points you've racked up.
  11. Einstein Brothers
    Join the loyalty club, called "The Shmear Society," and get a free birthday egg sandwich.
  12. Dunkin' Donuts
    Sign up for DD Perks and get a free beverage for your b-day.
  13. Jersey Mike's
    Join their email club and get a free sub AND drink for your big day.
  14. Sprinkles Cupcakes
    Sign up for Sprinkles Perks and get a free cupcake for your birthday. And if you visit Sprinkles more than 20 times in a year you can also get a free cupcake on your half birthday. If you visit more than 40 times a year you get an entire free dozen cupcakes for your birthday. Now that's a lot of cupcakes.
  15. These are just the places I considered going for free birthday swag. Look online and you'll find some very comprehensive lists of chains that offer birthday perks near you.