1. Logan
    I mean duh.
  2. Veronica
    I'm not usually into girls but come on.
  3. Leo (played by Max Greenfield)
    I'd play bad cop/bad cop with him, because let's face it, he was kind of a shitty cop.
  4. 1st and 2nd season Weevil
    Third season he got a little sketch.
  5. Wallace
    Sometimes best friends make the best lovers.
  6. Dick Casablancas
    He's dumb but he banged Charisma Carpenter so that means I'll have 2nd hand banged Charisma Carpenter.
  7. Charisma Carpenter (does her character have a name? oh who cares)
    Why not go straight to the source?
  8. Lily (played by Amanda Seyfried)
    Maybe I am into girls?
  9. Vinnie Van Lowe (played by Ken Marino)
    Private eye, I'm watching you.
  10. Veronica's drug dealer boyfriend from Season 1
    He might have been a lying drug dealer but he was pretty cute.