Okay so some of these may be appropriately appreciated but you should still watch them
  1. Addicted to Love
    Meg Ryan plays a vengeful stalker who rides a motorcycle. 'Nuff said.
  2. Long Kiss Goodnight
    A Christmas classic. Basically Love Actually with a lot of violence, swearing and Geena Davis being a total bad ass.
  3. Go
    A very innocent Katie Holmes makes out with a drug dealing Timothy Olyphant. Also part of it takes place at a rave. Is there anything more 90s?
  4. Gattaca
    Ethan Hawke stretches his bones to be taller! That's the future!
  5. That Thing You Do
    If you watch this movie and then don't immediately buy the soundtrack you are a monster.
  6. Empire Records
    We mustn't dwell... No, not today. We can't. Not on Rex Manning day.
  7. Ten Things I Hate About You
    Heath Ledger pre The Joker. Julia Stiles pre everyone forgetting who Julia Stiles is.
  8. Drive Me Crazy
    Melissa Joan Hart makes over her unpopular neighbor Adrian Grenier so they can make their prospective love interests jealous. Because in some world it is possible that Adrian Grenier would not be popular.
  9. She's All That
    She's not all that, then Freddie Prinze Jr. gets his hands on her.
  10. The American President
    Because if 90s Michael Douglas was president, wouldn't you bone him?
  11. One Fine Day
    George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer jump in puddles. Also Mae Whitman is so adorable it makes my ovaries hurt.
  12. IQ
    Another underrated Meg Ryan gem. She plays Albert Einstein's niece for gods sake.
  13. Picture Perfect
    Jennifer Anniston pretends to date Jay Mohr so she can get promoted and make her office crush, played by a super skeezy Kevin Bacon, jealous.
  14. It Could Happen To You
    Nic Cage at his Cagey-ist. He wins the lottery and leaves Rosie Perez (at her most shrill) for a waitress.
  15. Sliding Doors
    What if Gwyneth Paltrow had missed her train? What if she had a different haircut? What if?
  16. Simply Irresistible
    Sarah Michelle Gellar is a chef who is, no joke, given a magical crab that makes her food have magical properties.
  17. Love Potion No. 9
    Have you ever listened to the 1959 song "Love Potion No. 9" and thought "they should make that into a movie"? Well, so did the producers of this movie.