I don't know why but old man actors make me so happy...
  1. Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart
    Amazing on their own, even better together.
  2. The old man from Up
    Never cried so hard as I did in those first five minutes.
  3. Ed Asner
    Not only does he voice the old man in Up, he is the exact real life replica.
  4. Morgan Freeman
  5. James Earl Jones
    He's Mufasa!
  6. A man on a plane in Italy who held my hand when I had a migraine
    I actually started crying at his kindness.
  7. Mel Brooks
    Look at that face!
  8. Gene Wilder
    You can't have a Mel Brooks without a Gene Wilder.
  9. The props guy at work
    He wears a cowboy hat on the reg.
  10. Sam Elliot
    He kissed my cheek once and I've never been the same.
  11. Martin Sheen
    He may have created Charlie Sheen but he also created Emilio Estevez, so basically without Martin there would be no Mighty Ducks. Martin is also part of the cutest gay couple on Tv. Which brings us to:
  12. Sam Waterston
    Also adorable in The Newsroom and everything else he's ever done.
  13. My boss.
    Sometimes he turns to me out of the blue and says things like "I have Cher's number in my phone."
  14. Dick Van Dyke
    He somewhat recently did a music video where he dances with his real life wife and I almost died of joy.
  15. Christopher Plummer
    Have you seen Beginners??
  16. The deaf king of Florin in Princess Bride
    "...I'm killing myself as soon as we reach the honeymoon suite." "Won't that be nice?"
  17. Michael Caine
    His accent is more important than air. I cried at the end of Dark Knight Rises, not because I cared about if batman lived or died, but because I was so worried what it would do to Alfred.