My Dad is great and I love him a lot... But let's all face it, I'd disown him in a heartbeat for one of these guys.
  1. Morgan Freeman
    Imagine him reading you a bedtime story.
  2. Joe Biden
    He's got that swagger...
  3. Danny Tanner
    Would I hear the music play every time he gave me life advice?
  4. Mel Brooks
    Okay, he'd be a really old Dad but he'd still be awesome.
  5. Gene Wilder
    Who wouldn't want their dad to be Willy Wonka?!
  6. Louis CK
    Based on his TV show he's got some parenting issues but he still loves his girls and it doesn't hurt he's a fucking genius.
  7. Gomez Addams
    You would be a part of the Addams Family! Are you freaking kidding me? Who wouldn't want that?! Who?! Tell me and I'll turn them into Girl Scout cookies.
  8. Tom Selleck
    Two questions: 1) is it wrong to be attracted to your father? 2) is his mustache growing ability genetic?
  9. Sandy Cohen
    He took in a kid off the streets out of the kindness of his heart. Plus those eyebrows.
  10. Colin Firth
    Usually I just watch Love Actually every Christmas, but now I can just have him re-enact it.
  11. Liam Neeson
    Ditto on the Love Actually re-enactment, plus we know he'll do anything to protect his family.
  12. Phil Dunphy
    You'd probably get injured a lot but you'd have so much fun.
  13. Danny Glover
    Any time a guy breaks your heart he'd just give you that smile and your heart would instantly heal.
  14. Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor
    You would never have to watch a YouTube video of someone slamming their hand with a hammer again.
  15. Tom Hanks
    For obvious reasons. Plus, then Colin would be my brother.
  16. Ned Stark
    You know he'll die, but up until then he'll be awesome. And he doesn't sleep with his siblings, so kudos to him.
  17. Keith Mars
    Realistically maybe the best TV dad. He trained his daughter to be a kickass private eye, while still being super protective.