I had ten cups of coffee today. I may never sleep again.
  1. Olive & Thyme in Burbank
    8:45am Nonfat vanilla latte at a breakfast meeting
  2. Starbucks on Riverside
    9:57am Vanilla cream cold brew
  3. My desk at work
    11:17am Donut House K-Cup
  4. On set
    12:51pm Industrial size pot
  5. At crafty while standing over a garbage
    4:14pm Boiling hot water with instant powder half-assedly stirred in
  6. Hiding behind a parked car
    5:28pm Technically mostly a cup of the French Vanilla coffeemate
  7. Walking from the Warner Brothers Starbucks to set
    6:37pm Chai latte with a shot of espresso
  8. In green room
    8:49pm Fresh pot from crafty
  9. On set
    9:35 Now not so fresh pot from crafty.
  10. At a coworkers desk at work
    11:07pm Not even sure where it came from or if it was mine please let me go home now