Poems by Richard Brautigan That I'm Mildly Obsessed With

I took pictures of them because it was a library book and also because I'm a weirdo.
  1. Xerox Candy Bar
    Willy Wonka vibes anyone?
  2. Love Poem
    Read this right after a break up and it made me feel amazing.
  3. "Star-Spangled" Nails
  4. Haiku Ambulance
  5. Flowers for Those You Love
    A friendly PSA
  6. I Live in the Twentieth Century
    Same break up comment from above. Also didn't crop this one so you'd know I go to the beach sometimes.
  7. November 3
  8. Mating Saliva
  9. Your Catfish Friend
    Will you be my catfish friend?
  10. Automatic Anthole
    Ok same break up but this one made me a trifle depressed. Too close to home, Brautigan. Too close to home.
  11. The Pill Versus the Springfield Mine Disaster
    This is the titular poem of his most well known book of poetry.
  12. In a Cafe
  13. Boo, Forever