I took pictures of them because it was a library book and also because I'm a weirdo.
  1. Xerox Candy Bar
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    Willy Wonka vibes anyone?
  2. Love Poem
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    Read this right after a break up and it made me feel amazing.
  3. "Star-Spangled" Nails
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  4. Haiku Ambulance
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  5. Flowers for Those You Love
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    A friendly PSA
  6. I Live in the Twentieth Century
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    Same break up comment from above. Also didn't crop this one so you'd know I go to the beach sometimes.
  7. November 3
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  8. Mating Saliva
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  9. Your Catfish Friend
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    Will you be my catfish friend?
  10. Automatic Anthole
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    Ok same break up but this one made me a trifle depressed. Too close to home, Brautigan. Too close to home.
  11. The Pill Versus the Springfield Mine Disaster
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    This is the titular poem of his most well known book of poetry.
  12. In a Cafe
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  13. Boo, Forever
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