Some call it a conspiracy theory... I call it a conspiracy fact
  1. There are married people and children in both!
  2. Age Kelly Bundy by 20 years and give her a facelift and you get... Claire Dunphy.
  3. Haley Dunphy is basically a current day Kelly Bundy because like mother/like daughter.
  4. Bud Bundy was so girl-crazy that it almost felt a little fake. Methinks he doth protest too much. Which is why I like to imagine that after some serious self exploration he finally came to accept himself and become... Mitchell Pritchett.
  5. Al Bundy was a shoe salesman. Jay Pritchett sells closets. Shoes go in closets. Enough said.
  6. We're told that Shelley Long is Claire and Mitchell's mother but then we never see her again... Perhaps because their real mother is Katey Sagal, who abandoned them to join a motorcycle gang.