Soups I've Eaten at Work

My job buys me lunch at work and I've decided my new "diet" is to only order soup for lunch. I work in Burbank. (These pictures are not an accurate depiction of the soups I've eaten at work.)
  1. Tom Kah from Rustic Spoon - 4/5 Spoons
    Very flavorful, with hints of lemongrass, chilies and cilantro. The coconut milk made it very creamy and the big chunks of mushroom were delicious.
  2. Lemony Carrot Soup from Joan's on Third - 3.5/5 Spoons
    Sounded kind of gross but it was really good! Reminded me of butternut squash soup. (Also I found a picture of Jared Leto eating it...)
  3. Chicken Tortilla Soup from Sweet Butter Kitchen - 3/5 Spoons
    I wasn't super excited about this one but it was pretty good. Overall I'm learning from this experience that soups are kind of fantastic.
  4. Mushroom Brie Soup from Aroma Cafe - 4.5/5 Spoons
    Not exactly "healthy" but I love Brie and I love mushrooms and fucking LOVE the combination. I would eat this as part of my last meal if I'm ever given the death penalty.
  5. French Onion Soup from Birds - 3/5 Spoons
    Not the best French onion soup I've ever had but still decent. As a downside, I was having onion flavored burps for the rest of the day.
  6. Minestrone from Tony's Deli - 2.5/5 Spoons
    Pretty much the same as eating a can of Progresso minestrone. That being said, I wouldn't turn my nose up at a can of Progresso minestrone. I'm no soup snob!
  7. Broccoli Soup from California Chicken Cafe - 1/5 Spoons
    Okay, maybe I am a soup snob. This soup tastes like they put broccoli and water in a blender and called it soup. This is the only soup I've actually had to throw away.
  8. Hong Kong Wonton Soup from Gindi Thai - 3/5 Spoons
    A lot lighter and "healthier" tasting than I expected from a wonton soup. This soup is chocked full of spinach and garlic. This is going to sound disgusting and this soup is not that, but it kind of tasted like how the zoo smells. It had an earthiness to it that at first put me off but ended up growing on me.
  9. Roasted Tomato Cream Soup with Parmigiano Reggiano from Artisan Cheese Cafe - 3.5/5 Spoons
    Often time I find tomato soup boring, especially if I don't have a grilled cheese sandwich to dip into it. But this soup was damn good and very filling.
  10. Vegan Chickpea Soup from Olive & Thyme - 1.5/5 Spoons
    I almost couldn't finish this because it was so peppery. The first spoonful I ate left me coughing and choking on pepper. Beyond that there wasn't much going on. Just chunks of generic veggies and chickpeas in broth.
  11. Garlic Tomato Bisque from Granville - 3/5 Spoons
    Not as good as Artisan Cheese Cafe but still very satisfying.
  12. Chicken Pho from Take a Bao - 3/5 Spoons
    Definitely not as good as at an actual pho restaurant and kind of messy to eat at work since you assemble it yourself, but still pretty enjoyable.
  13. Rustic Chicken Soup from Tender Greens - 2/5 Spoons
    While this soup was nothing special, it was pretty comforting which I believe translates to "rustic" in marketing speak. I would bring this to a sick friend.
  14. Any recommendations??