The GoT Character I Am, The GoT Character I Want To Be And The GoT Character I'll Probably End

  1. Sansa Stark
    I've spent most of my childhood wanting to be a princess. Now I want to be a badass, but I'm not sure how. I can seem like a pushover but if it comes down to it I will cut a bitch.
  2. Jon Snow
    Arguably the only truly good character. He can be stubborn and naive but he's always trying to do what's right. Plus he's hot as hell and it would be awesome to have a wolf.
  3. Olenna Tyrell
    I am already planning on turning into a sassy as hell old lady so Olenna is a serious role model. Known for her wit and sarcasm, Olenna can say anything she wants and get away with it. Plus you know she's seen some crazy shit in her day. This lady has lived a life!