Things I Cried About Today

I'm packing up my apartment to move all by myself and it's really stressing me out...
  1. I bought the wrong size moving boxes.
    This is what really opened up the floodgates.
  2. I realized how much I'll miss being on the first floor and having windows that look out at street level.
  3. I threw away all the ticket stubs I've collected over the past few years then desperately wanted them back.
    I want to say I didn't climb into the dumpster to get my trash back but legally I can't.
  4. I spilled old beans all over my floor while retrieving said ticket stubs from the garbage.
    Even my dog was repulsed by the whole affair.
  5. I remember that I'm starting a new job the same week that I'm moving and got stressed about that all over again.
  6. I couldn't find a rug I liked at any of the five furniture stores I visited.
    Seriously people, where the cute rugs at?
  7. I found a rug I liked and it was way out of my price range.
  8. I realized none of the furniture I liked was in my price range
    Why does adult furniture have to be so expensive??
  9. I can't remember what color the walls are in my new place and therefore have no idea if the furniture I like will even go
  10. I always meant to have a glass of wine on the roof of my current apartment but I never have and now I never will.
  11. I cut my finger on a box.
  12. I realized that the real problem is that doing all this stuff by myself is making me incredibly lonely.
    I've always had a roommate or significant other to help me before. Now it feels like I'm moving into an old maids home where I'll accumulate dogs and eventually be smothered to death by my collection of ticket stubs.
  13. I remembered that I'm moving into a really nice place in a really cute area and that in a few months I'll look back on this and laugh
  14. I made myself some soup and it was delicious and I cried because I was grateful for soup