Let me know if you have any recommendations! What did you do while "funemployed"?
  1. Learn how to cook and go on a healthy diet
    As of now, my idea of cooking is microwaving Trader Joe's mac & cheese.
  2. Work out at least four times a week
    That's realistic, right? I could have said seven times...
  3. Write for an hour every day
    Or stare at a blank screen for an hour, whatever comes first.
  4. Go for a hike once a week
    With Runyon closed I'll need to scope out some new spots.
  5. Take exciting day trips to explore LA
    Preferably free LA day trips since, let's not forget, I'm unemployed.
  6. Keep my apartment spotlessly clean for once in my life
    Seriously, my apartment looks like an entire frat lives there. Something has to be done.
  7. Finally do all those errands I've been putting off
    You're finally getting framed, random poster I bought at a friend's art show.
  8. Catch up with old friends I haven't seen since I've been working sixty hours a week.
    Assuming they're just as unemployed as I am...
  9. Start a new blog or Instagram that will immediately blow up
    In which case maybe I'll get an even better job than the one that ended.
  10. Marie Kondo my closet
    This might involve a lot of crying so I better add stock up on Kleenex to the list.
  11. Go to the beach once a week
    I live in Southern California yet last year I only saw the ocean once, and it was in a movie.
  12. Get into arts and crafts
    Or at least start using all those coloring books I impulse bought myself.
  13. Probably do none of these things and just sit around binge watching TV
    My DVR is at 98%. If that's not a full time job I don't know what is.