And a few things that weren't...
  1. A Kindle Fire that my parents got me for Christmas three years ago
  2. A Polar heart rate monitor
  3. A polka dot JanSport gym bag
  4. A pair of very used Asics running shoes
  5. Two customized shoe inserts inside aforementioned running shoes that are based on a mold of my feet and will do no one else any good but are vey important to me
  6. An orange cropped t-shirt that read "Aloha Beaches" over two Palm trees
  7. A pair of black socks
  8. A very stretched out pink sports bra
  9. A pair of black lululemon running shorts a.k.a. the most expensive item of workout clothes I own
  10. A piece of my soul
  11. My faith in humanity
  12. Not stolen from the car: two phone chargers, a pair of sandals, a striped sweatshirt, a gray sweater from Target, a reusable grocery bag, a small dog carrier, a container of leftovers from Outback Steakhouse, and MY LAPTOP