Top Five Books I've Read This Year (So Far)

My goal was to read 52 books this year. So far I've only read 38, so I've got a busy December ahead of me. (To be clear these are not book that came out this year, just books I read this year) Also, go ahead and add your favorite books you read in 2015!
  1. The Goldfinch
    2014 Pulitzer Prize winner and I must say that I usually agree with the Pulitzer committee. This book is beautiful and heartbreaking and impossible to put down. When I finished it I was in despair because I never wanted it to end. This is a character study that really delves deep into close relationships and real human emotions.
  2. Sister Carrie
    This is at least the fourth time I've read this book. I even tried to write an adaptation of it in college. Every time I read it, it only gets better. With each page I dreaded going forward because I knew what kind of tragedy was in store for me, but I couldn't stop myself. A true tragic classic.
  3. Paper Towns
    I never really got on the Fault in Out Stars train. It was okay but it got a little too sappy and maudlin for me. But Paper Towns is a whole other story. It struck just the right chord of young love/obsession in contrast to the realization that sometimes we love the idea of people more than the people themselves. Far and away the best YA I read this year.
  4. Trout Fishing in America
    I'm not a huge poetry fan and I usually feel like an outsider when reading 60's/70's cult fiction. But Brautigan is amazing. His writing is clever and sad and random and creative and absurdist in a truly great way. Plus, I found out my dad was a huge fan of Brautigan when he was in his 20s and we totally bonded over it.
  5. The First Bad Man
    I've been a fan of Miranda July for a long time. Her film "You and Me and Everyone We Know" is one of my favorite movies. And while even I can accept that she can be a little out there for some people, for the most part I love her for it. I found this book to be touching and shocking and clever, but what I found most exciting was her boundless imagination. There were so many fresh and surprising ideas. As an aspiring writer myself, I find myself in awe of her creativity.