1. Princess
    Ages 3 - 7. I definitely thought this was a legitimate career path.
  2. Mermaid
    Age 5. Still probably not my least realistic choice of profession.
  3. Celebrity nanny
    Age 6 - 8. I liked playing with dolls and I liked celebrities so it seemed like the perfect fit.
  4. Actress
    Age 7 - 16. I decided this was too unrealistic of profession. "Everyone waitress in LA wants to be an actress," I thought. So I decided to become a screenwriter. Little did I know.
  5. Singer in a punk band
    Age 8 - 15. I think I just wanted a reason to get my ears pierced.
  6. Dog breeder
    Age 9 - 12. Puppies, you guys. Constant, never ending puppies.
  7. Thriller novelist
    Age 10 - 14. I started writing a novel where a dead police detective's wife can read a serial killers thoughts while she's dreaming. Then a movie came out with that exact plot... Coincidence? Definitely.
  8. Soap opera writer
    Age 12 - 14. My best friend and I wrote, directed and produced a pretty thrilling soap opera called All These Strangers. By the end one character had amnesia, one character had AIDS, one character jumped off the roof of a house, and one character's evil twin had ripped his head off his body. I had a gift.
  9. Playwright
    Age 14 - 16. Those who can't act... write really bad one act plays in high school.
  10. Pool shark
    Age 15 - 18. There was a late night pool hall in town that I spent a lot of time at. Plus, I think I saw the movie Poolhall Junkies one too many times.
  11. Screenwriter
    Age 18. Maybe I should have stuck with pool shark.