@mindy you are the greatest and I love you
  1. The entire Soup Snakes chapter
  2. "gardening Crocs"
  3. The explanation of why Greek life didn't work out (it also didn't work out for me - see, we have things in common!)
  4. "... I had deleted my Facebook account five years earlier when I had smartly realized that Facebook would mean an end to my productivity or ever putting on pants."
  5. Mindy's alternate life as a Latin teacher in New York
  6. "No food is as delicious as food you eat standing a foot away from a trash can. Ask any possum."
  7. She calls James Franco "a very mysterious and sexy weirdo"
  8. "I'm going to be braggy for a second: I'm a pretty fun person to talk to." ME TOO, MINDY!!! Wouldn't it be cool if we got together and talked to each other? Oh the fun we would have!
  9. "iTunes may own my ovaries, for all I know." (From her Harvard Law School Class Day speech)
  10. No. 22 on her list of 4 a.m. worries: "What if I forget the sound of my mother's voice?" - this caused me to break down in tears because I have the same worry about forgetting my grandmother'a voice. I did not know this book would make me cry.
  11. "But it's not that I think I'm so great. I just don't hate myself."