I adore these things, but I guess I think I should not? Idk.
  1. Malibu black rum with Coke and lime😍
    This is my go-to alcoholic beverage. It's a guilty pleasure because I KNOW Coke isn't "good for me," but damnit - this drink is amazing. In fact, I'm drinking it right now. On a Monday night. YOLO.
  2. Biting my nails
    I know this is gross! I'm trying to stop, but sometimes when I'm writing, I just have to bite off each of my fingernails and THEN I can write good things.
  3. Staying in 99.999999% of the time
    I really like staying home at night. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, if a group of my friends is going to dinner or something, I'll probably go. But then it's right back home and into pjs, settled on the couch with Netflix and my cat. Do I want to go to a bar and attempt small-talk all night though? HELL NAH.
  4. Bob's Burgers
    Omg this show is so good! But when I tell people about it, they're like "ummmm isn't that a cartoon?" I'm always explaining that it's an adult cartoon (but not like Family Guy) and it's just so funny and mindless and wonderful ... The people I'm talking to often look at me like I'm nuts and say "yeeeeah okay maybe I'll check that out..." (I know they won't)
  5. Home Goods
    I guess this makes me a basic bitch? Whatever. I love going in and checking out all the amazing home things - coffee mugs, cute office decor, glorious bedding, fluffy pillows, holiday-specific decor, etc etc etc. And it's all so adorable! It's even more fun if my mom is with me. She loves this shit too!
  6. Iced vanilla lattes (with almond milk plz)
    Honestly, I wish I could be one of those people who's just like "just a black coffee, thanks," but good LAWD I love me an iced vanilla latte. Creamy, sweet, refreshing ... So good! Calories and coolness be damned!