I see a therapist once every two weeks or so, and it's awesome. Lots more people should go to therapy, too, and this is why.
  1. It's nice to talk about yourself for an hour in a judgement-free zone.
  2. Sometimes you need a completely objective third party to help you see things clearly.
  3. You learn lots of cool things. For example, instead of compromising (a situation in which all involved give up something), you can collaborate (create a new solution that allows everyone to win). Who knew?!
  4. If (and this is a big if) your therapist is fun, you'll spend an hour or so having a blast while talking about yourself and solving your problems. What a dream!
  5. It's better than drowning your sorrows in alcohol or drugs or whatever your vice of choice is.
  6. You'll feel so much more positive about life when you leave. Like, yeah, everything is okay! I can do this!
  7. After a while, you'll notice your relationships with everyone (including yourself) starting to improve.