Nothing super exciting, unfortunately.
  1. Making my bed every day
    I've heard this is supposed to help with productivity, happiness, etc? I figure it's worth a shot. I work from home, and my office is right off my bedroom, so maybe seeing a beautifully made bed will inspire me to get/keep my shit together.
  2. Eating the serving size of candy
    I want ALL the candy. This is difficult.
  3. Using the Productivity Planner (again)
    I used this pretty often for a while, but I stopped because I wasn't having much of a problem focusing on my work. But ... Now I need it again. If you aren't familiar with this, it's a little journal where you plan out your weeks and days, with the most important task at the top of each page, then secondary and extra tasks below. You use the Pomodoro method (25 minutes of focused work) and fill in little bubbles when you've finished each 25-minute set.
  4. Limiting my time on social media
    This app doesn't count though! I'm mostly talking about Facebook and Instagram (I don't use Twitter). Between the political rants and humble-bragging posts, I just can't this week. Also, social media scrolling kind of kills productivity.
  5. Watching MTV's Scream series on Netflix
    Omg. Teen slasher movies are my favorite! And I LOVE all the Scream movies - although 4 was a little gory for my taste. But this is a bunch of high school kids getting picked off one by one, just like the first Scream movie, and we have a Sydney (complete with mommy issues), a Billy (boyfriend) a Randy (movie geek!) and a Gail Weathers (but this time she's a podcaster - you know, to make it a little more 2016 or something). Yaaaasss!