1. Photos of perfectly styled/decorated homes
    Just STAHP with this already. No one - and I mean NO ONE - has a spotless, shiny home all the time. So when I see a Pinterest photo or a magazine spread with an impossibly perfect living space, all I can think is "that's not real." Also, it's boring.
  2. Success stories
    I feel way more inspired when I hear successful people talk about how they failed a bunch of times. Don't get me wrong, their success is impressive, but I know it was the failure and struggle that brought them to the good stuff. So I guess I like failure stories.
  3. People who "do it all"
    I hate examples of people (and let's be honest, it's usually women) who manage to care for their families, work a full-time job, have all the friends, look totally amazing and somehow make it all look glamorous/effortless. Bullshit. Not real. This person is probably not sleeping and/or cries into her wine at night. No thanks.
  4. Creative people who claim they're "always inspired"
    Nope. That is a lie. I believe we can all find inspiration in everyday life, but sometimes we are tired and cranky and all we are inspired to do is take a nap.
  5. People who eat healthy foods all the time
    Like, do you never just want a big slice of pizza and a cookie and maybe a giant glass of wine? Are you sure your diet of grilled chicken and asparagus is REALLY all that satisfying? I'd rather have a little junk in the trunk than miss out on delicious food.