Some rando facts about me ✨
  1. 39
    Regularly told I look 23
  2. Photographer
    Commercial, lifestyle, portraits
  3. Portland, Maine
    The cooler Portland. Also lobster
  4. Filming my first documentary this summer
    Want to show it to @lenadunham @jennikonner someday because I know they'd be into it
  5. Cats
  6. ADHD
    The struggle is real
  7. Workaholic
    Never not working
  8. Travel
    Need to go to LA at least 3x a year. Also frequently in Boston, NYC, Indy, Nashville
  9. Guilty pleasures: Teen Mom 2, keeping up with the kardashians
  10. Overly sensitive
  11. Liberal
  12. Gallbladderless
  13. Perfectionist
    I'm the worst, I admit it
  14. Former singer/songwriter
    Wrote and recorded and produced 3 albums (guitar, piano, vocals)...this seems like it happened a million years ago
  15. Grew up in Indiana
    Escaped to NYC to intern for the HBO Oz casting department the first chance I could
  16. Eloped on top of the Word Trade Center
    8/11/00 😢
  17. Could eat funfetti cupcakes and tacos daily