🇦🇺 news program, The Project, did an article on life skills that we're losing. It made me wonder if I've lost those skills. So I googled a list and here we are. (List sourced from: https://www.google.com.au/amp/www.mirror.co.uk/news/technology-science/technology/20-basic-life-skills-dying-6214224.amp?client=safari)
  1. ✅ Reading a map
    I'm actually very good spatially. I can be your navi!
  2. ✅ Using a compass
    Yes, though it has been a while.
  3. ❎ Tie a specific knot
    For shame! I have been taught the clove-hitch (sp?) so many times and never remember. I am expert at getting messy knots untied though 👌🏼
  4. ✅❎ Darn socks
    Not with proper darning technique admittedly. I can get those holes repaired though with a needle and thread.
  5. ✅ Looking something up in a book (via its index) rather than googling it.
    Yes, my young lifetime was spent in the encyclopedia brittanica!
  6. ✅ Correct letter writing technique
    I know how many spaces to leave between date, address and salutation, so yeah, I guess I do.
  7. ✅ Knowing your spelling and grammar
    Mostly. I do fuck up from time to time and am a bit iffy on some of the more precise rules. I'm no English major.
  8. ✅❎ Understanding pounds and ounces
    Pounds, ish. Ounces, no. I'm pretty certain a pound is double a kilo (or thereabouts)
  9. ✅❎ Converting pounds and ounces to kilograms and grams
    Same as above. Seriously though, can America please just go metric already?
  10. ✅ Starting a fire from scratch
    Yes. I'm really proud of this skill. I can chop my own wood too! As a side brag.
  11. ✅ Handwriting
    Yes. I have neat handwriting mostly. My cursive is a bit rusty though
  12. ✅❎ Understanding feet and inches
    Ugh. Yes. I understand feet. Inches baffle me. I know 30cm is a foot and a foot is 12 inches. Three feet is almost 1 meter. As for understanding imperial, I never will!
  13. ❎ Knitting
    Sadly, no. Get me started and I can loop a row. I technically cannot knit though.
  14. ✅❎ Recall a friend or relative's mobile number from memory
    One or two. Like I know my sister's.
  15. ✅ Recall a partner's mobile number from memory
  16. ✅❎ Identifying trees, birds, insects
    Some, not all.
  17. ✅ Touch typing
    Yes. I'm no 70s secretary but I get by!
  18. ✅ Baking bread from scratch
    Yes, and I'm super fucking proud of this skill. I'll keep you nourished. The trick is in not killing your yeast!
  19. ✅ Taking up trousers
    Yes, though I have no need to do it.
  20. ❎ Wiring a plug
    No. Though I think I could give it a crack.