In the virtual world, I have no chill. In real life, I'm rather endearing.. figure that shit out!
  1. Urgent
    Best described with @john (<<point in case) lyrics, "my stupid mouth" .. I act without consulting the rational side of my brain for fear of missing my opportunity. No chill.
  2. Obsessive
    I have a deep curiosity that isn't satiated easily. It tends to run the show. I work out how to get what I want with varying degrees of success! Sometimes I do dumb shit because of it. No chill.
  3. Passionate
    The minute I'm passionate about something, watch my tenacity sky-rocket. Very practical IRL.. easily misunderstood online. No chill.
  4. Loyal
    I am fiercely loyal of friends, family, causes etc.. and will go above and beyond to see them smile. This causes me to ask for things in an urgent + passionate manner. No chill.
  5. Free-spirited
    I am one excitable and free-spirited lady! If anyone is to cross the line of enthusiasm, it will be me. It causes me to get one-up'y and inappropriate. It affords me (for better or worse!) a che sarà, sarà attitude. No chill.