I know, I know.. Two "a bit about rn" lists in one week. Unheard of. But I'm SO GODDAMN EXCITED and I need to list!
  1. Pitch black, except from the glow of my phone
  2. Sand between my toes
  3. Drinking a full bodied red.
    Can't read the label, tastes Shiraz-y.
  4. Wrapped in a poncho style blanket, wearing a knit beanie (toque, for you Canadians!)
  5. The Milky Way peeking through the heavy cloud
    I get a partial show every now and then, it's so exciting
  6. The sound of waves crashing and then lapping the shores.
  7. Watching (my dog) Missy be captivated by the ocean. She's sitting a few meters from me staring at the sea. It's divine.
  8. Listing my Beach Camping list, which I'm so freaking excited to share with you (my Monday).
    Please like, relist and encourage your blue ticked certified friends to like it too.. It's March Madness and I'll need all the points I can get. I'm up against the heavenly, yet formidable @kcupcaker 🙈
  9. Wishing you all could be here.
  10. ✌🏼️+💙