...for @amieshmamie, because she's curious about my city's weather! I'm tempted to sum this list up by saying our winter is similar to L.A.'s, but I won't (!).
  1. First day of winter
    It was a warm winter's day, 23C/73F (or thereabouts) and this warm weather has been fairly consistent. So much so I even went for a beach swim last week. Weather was warm, water is now cold. It was refreshing to say the least!
  2. Two weeks in
    Two weeks in, our day-time temps are still around 20C/70F. Our lowest night temps have been 9C/48F (I think!) and we received a couple overnight showers this week too. The blue skies have been getting a little more cloudy! Seems like the sunshine and 23C/73F weather is sticking around for another week!
  3. *chilly*
    Still fine days but the mornings are dipping below 9C/49F!
  4. It's raining! I'm laying in bed and hearing the rain fall. It varies in intensity. It's just beautiful. It's 13C/56F and a little after midnight.
    no photo because some things are better without.
  5. It's raining, it's pouring...
    Aww, I feel like Perth might be getting the hang of winter. We had 59mm of rain overnight and scattered showers during the day. It's windy af! Those are some big ass puddles in front of the riverbank! But on the positive side, it was Solstice yesterday, so we're now on the upswing of longer days! Hallelujah 🙌🏼
  6. Static
    18C/64F absolutely fine, no wind. Took a beach walk with a friend and thought to update you all on this 'winter'. Walked in the water, wearing shorts (ok, I am also wearing a down vest) and feeling great!! I think it's going to rain, maybe tomorrow. Idk exactly, this is Perth, it's likely to rain for half a day (if we're 'lucky'!)
  7. Static
    Oh hey there winter! 10C/50F at 4pm. Full-on winter day: wind, rain, barely any sunshine and cold all day. Oh, Perth, well done! I'm wearing 4 layers, so you know that it's cold out. Well, cold for Perth!
  8. Static
    Yo! It's blustery in Perth this week. Temps are low teens (C), mid 50s (F). And it just started hailing (I took a gif for you!). In the south of the State it has been snowing! It doesn't snow here, so this is rather remarkable! I think it's fining up over the weekend though. So this is probs just one of the few major cold fronts for the season. #beanieweather
  9. Local
    baby hail action! (It lasted 30 seconds!)
  10. Static
    This is Perth winter!! Hailing one day, sunshine the next. 17C/62F and finnneeee! The sun is so warm and I'm tempted to throw on my bikini for a sneaky tan sesh! Gentlest of gentle breezes. So freaking glorious! (thanks @aus10 for asking how the weather is!)
  11. Static
    Perth is so confused! We're having those days that are sunny one minute and then full-on down pours, grey skies and windy af, the next. The temps are mid teens (C) and high 50/low 60s (F). It seems set to continue like this fine-not fine-fine-not fine weather for a little while yet. Next week looks as wet as this week has been.
  12. tornado warnings!
    We had such beautiful weather yesterday (sunny and about 17C - low 60sF) ... and today it was cold, gusty and super wet. Some suburbs were hit by tornadoes, with trampolines in the power lines and tin roofs on roads. I was at work when this was all happening and didn't notice!