1. I'm tenacious. I fight for what I want. I usually get what I want. I'm a child when I don't. Although, I'm very aware of said child and keep her concealed from most.
    creating a work around for the ugly side of this otherwise awesome trait.
  2. I'm genuine. I act from my heart. I do things for love and for goodness and for smiles. I'm the antithesis of fake.
    I love this trait yet it is often misunderstood. If I ever slide onto the 'fake spectrum' it feels so icky to me.. I usually do things I regret there. I seldom go there.
  3. I take things personally. Kind of a by-product of the above. If it means something to me, I take it on. I think this will be a life journey.
    I've been working on this since I was 21 when a superior told me "seriously Jess, it's not all about you".. I was offended and relieved all at once.
  4. I want more. Always. I have a great life. I am blessed. Yet I sit here demanding more for myself. I sense this is a slow reveal game.
    I've always mentally rejected mediocrity, yet here we still are.
  5. I'm calculating. I'm also spontaneous. These two are usually at war. They are oil and water traits. Though when they cooperate, I can create magic.
    Still learning how to master these two unruly traits.
  6. I trust like a trickster*. If I don't trust the person, I trust the universe and/or my instinct to guide me. I do give trust easily, just don't be fooled, I'm not frivolous with it.
    *a term used by Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic.
  7. I'm human.
    I dabble in the contradictory. Mostly I just succeed, fail, fall hard, pick myself up, cry a bit, laugh a bit. Aim for better.