Aunt Jess + Sas Bake Cookies!

Typical winter's day in Perth and I'm on Aunt duties.. let's bake! I reject winter by making summery creamsicle cookies (recipe at bottom of list)
  1. I have my God-daughter with me today and we thought we'd pass some time baking cookies and watching Fast + the Furious (her choice!)
  2. After she gave up on chopping the butter!.. she tried her hand at zesting! She very quickly gave up on zesting!
  3. She loved using the mixer. "Can I put it up to 10?" Creaming the butter and sugars. Lots of taste checking!
  4. Do I let a nine year old crack the egg?! "Any shell in there".. "No shell!"
  5. Things got a little cray! Whilst spooning in the flour, she dropped the plastic cup in, the mixer spat it out and shit went everywhere!
  6. "More. No.. more.. keep going.. Ok, put the rest in the mixture!" Don't come between me and my chocolate addiction!
  7. Lick straight from the paddle! Ok. Posed photo.. I'm hygienic! Apparently Sas licked it though.
  8. I'd bake just for the smell that fills the house!
  9. Happy little cookie-monster!
  10. Forgot that we put a third batch on 😁
  11. I found this recipe to produce quite a dry cookie. I'm used to a chewy creamsicle cookie. This recipe asks for orange essence, whereas I prefer using orange juice. #fyi