This list is dedicated to those of you who read my lists with an Australian accent! I'm looking at you @k8zinker 😜🇦🇺 (in response to: ANYONE? ANYONE?)
  1. C'arn mate..
    Come on, my friend
  2. I'm chockas.
    I'm very full (not hungry)
  3. Nah mate, knackered.
    No, my friend, I'm exhausted.
  4. C'arn round in the arvi (arvo) for some snags on the barbie.
    Come over this afternoon for some barbecued sausages.
  5. She'll be right, mate.
    Everything will be ok.
  6. Fuckyathen
    No thank you.
  7. Are the tinnies in the esky, mate?
    Are the canned beers in the cooler, my friend?
  8. Get an eye-full of the arse on that bird.
    That lady has a fine buttocks, you should take a look.
  9. Yeah mate, total prawn though.
    I agree with your sentiments on her body, but I believe her to have quite a rude looking face. // let's break this one down >> how do you eat a prawn?
  10. Ok, that's all I have! I speak fluent bogan, but it's not my natural habitat!
  11. Any questions?
  12. EDIT: see @alanarogerrrrs glossary list for the definition of "bogan" (similar to redneck)