Wasn't one of the Babysitter Club twins Jessica?! Now I'm showing my age! << um, no. That was sweet valley high, idiot! (Edit). Never mind, tonight I'm baby sitting my cousin's little lad. He's a gem of a kid!
  1. Some terms I needed to get acquainted with: sippy (watered down milk in a sippy cup), lamby (a weathered plush lamb/comforter), his duvet called ruggy and pew pew..
  2. Pew pew, is what he calls Robin Hood (the movie). You know, the one with Russell Crowe! Pew pew is the sound of the arrows being shot. KIDS.ARE.AWESOME!
  3. He mucked about watching Pew Pew. Eating dinner and then kicking his lamby, football style!
  4. I asked him to take a selfie with me. He said no.
  5. I asked him to turn the lamp on. His response, "sure, sure" in rapid-fire succession. He's, like, 3. Sure, sure. 😂 ..stop, kid, you're too much!
  6. I enticed him to the selfie game, the only way I know how!
  7. We took some snaps and watched the dog-selfie video we took in my snap-story. He noticed a featured channel.. Barcelona Football! What a lad! We watched Barcelona football on snap for 5 minutes.
  8. We looked through all my photos, picking out the ones with my dog Missy. He'd exclaim, "Mis!", in his husky little-man voice.
  9. I asked him if he wanted to read a book. He did. So we went to his room to get one. He chose "green sheep" by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek.
  10. *MELTDOWN* ..the book reminded him of Mumma. Oh shit. I'm a seasoned Aunt. I should've known better. I needed lamby, sippy and ruggy, stat!
  11. Alas, "green sheep" was abandoned. Thirty minutes of meltdown ensued, "I want Mumma", over and over. The only thing I could do was just empathetically comfort the little guy. He wasn't having it. Bless.
  12. Once he started to calm down, I suggested that I could "call mumma" and "ask her to come home". He liked that plan. Rule of thumb; get them calm enough that they'll fall asleep (happy + hopeful!)
  13. After the fake call to mumma, peace resumed. Now was my chance to get him to rest and hopefully fall to sleep. Time to bring my A-game. I know my game plan, time to implement.
  14. Mayer to the rescue; lullaby edition. He relaxes almost immediately. We're both laying on Mumma's bed, he looks over at me with those big brown eyes and says, "I like this one". Ahhh, I love The Heart of Life too, little guy x
  15. The biggest risk of comforting a child to sleep is falling asleep before them. After the hike we did today, I am shattered. Stay awake, Jess! He is staring at the ceiling. I can barely keep my eyes open!
  16. He looks over at me, after declaring his love for another of Mayer's tunes and says, "do you know Fireman Sam?". I tell him, "yes", then I ask, "do you know Fireman Sam's dog's name?" He seems impressed. At this point I figure he isn't going to sleep and instead we'll just spend the next two hours exchanging pleasantries.
  17. It was quiet for a couple of minutes. I look over and his eyes are closed. He was a tough little lad, hung in there for so long. Alas, the sleep angels have taken him to la la land!
  18. Now I have to choose which book to read.
  19. Good night / happy day, Listers x
  20. 💚+🏹