Because It Makes Me Feel...

I was dressed rather 'signature me' tonight, this is how the components make me feel.
  1. [elegant] Pearl Earrings
    truth be told, my 'pearl earrings' were $3 on sale from Forever New/21 and hold zero sentimentality, they do make me feel 100% elegant as soon as I put them on though.
  2. [naughty] Dark bra under white
    I guess I've always associated the black bra under anything non-black as being risqué. I always wanted to do it when I was younger but didn't want to be judged. I've now reached the age of zero fucks given!
  3. [proper] Nude pumps
    I actually don't even know what (dress shoe) I wore before I wore nude pumps. Nope. Nothing makes me look quite so proper as a nude, closed , rounded toe 1.5 inch heel.
  4. [cliche] Black rimmed specs
    Ok, so these are actually prescription glasses. I still feel cliche af wearing them though! I'm long-sighted, so I technically only need them when reading or on the computer. I have been known to wear them out if they suit 'the look'.
  5. [relaxed] a glass of red
    Maybe you need to experience this one with me to truly grasp it. I am so relaxed with a glass of red in my hand. Next meet up, I'll prove it! ;)
  6. [natural] hair down
    True, true, my hair is top-knotted 70% of the time! It never feels quite as natural as when it's down. I don't wear it down often because it is often too unkempt to be in public that way! When it is though, it feels as good as naked!