Number one just prompted the writing of this list! My top three wolf whistle style chat ups!
  1. Barefoot, bourbon soaked "bum"
    Driving out of my street, I motion to said barefoot, bourbon soaked bum for him to cross the road. He motioned me to cross. I drive past him slowly, I replied with a smile, "I guess we're both too polite". To which he replied, with a coy, four tooth smile, "I just wanted to check you out again". He giggled, I giggled and said, "well, then! Thank you". I continued on my merry way, he watched and then crossed the road.
  2. "You gurrrrls are roool purty"
    Walking back from the hot springs in a small town in Colorado, my sister and I were not only disheveled from the heat and steam, we were dressed in what we would consider tracksuits fit for yard duties! When from the other side of the road, a young lad driving a large pick up truck leans half his wiry lean body out the window and calls out loudly, "you gurrrrls are roool purty", wolf whistles and drives off. I yell back, "thanks mate", my mortified sister tells me to shut up!
  3. A bevy of construction workers
    This one sounds cliche, and I guess it is. I work for lululemon athletica and we sometimes model our own gear for our social media. I was downtown, modeling our yoga gear (tights, tank etc), bent over or in downward facing dog (cannot quite recall) in front of a brick wall, on a busy street in the middle of the city. When from way up high, several stories above myself and my pretzel-shaped colleagues, there was a cheer of clapping, wolf whistling and very complimentary commentary. 😳☺️