from a trickle of hope, a river of possibility can flow... BE BOLD, declare your future (in the present tense!)
  1. I am a respected and innovative clinical and research psychologist: presenting findings and fun psychological discoveries all over the world.
    My legacy?... My clients say that they'd rather me be their friend than their doctor!
  2. I'm a beautiful wife to an incredibly loving husband who happens to have kids from a previous relationship but it works out 💯and we are even trying for one more. The kids love me and their precious love is never taken for granted. We also have the neighbors over once a week for game night and my house is filled with laughter, good food and love.✨
    I'll stop there though I also want to note that my book finally got published and it turns from bestseller into movie by 2019🍿☺
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  3. Drew and I are in a little wine bar in Barcelona, (or eating street food in Vietnam, this part isn't important). We realize we're standing next to Anthony Bourdain. I tell him my dream job would be what he's done~travel, eat, drink, write..he says they're hiring crew members for the next season of Parts Unknown, maybe we'd be interested?
    I accept the position of Anthony's personal assistant. It goes so well that when he retires two years later, CNN offers me his job! We negotiate my contract to include promoting Drew from cameraman (which he loves) to head writer, so we can work on the scripts together. We do this for five seasons, but after my daughter gives birth to our first grandchild, we move to Bend, OR. We buy a little shop in town that we convert to a coffeehouse/used bookstore by day and a wine bar by night.
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  4. I have awesome children and I feel loved and happy with my significant other. My everyday job/ occupation is interesting, challenging and I earn just the right amount of money.
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