1. Wake late
  2. Hydrate
  3. nourishment
    adhere to new detox goals
  4. Recap previous night's shenanigans with the fam still hanging around
  5. Watch tv, movies, listen to tunes..
    So far; Cabbage Patch Kid's Christmas || Pulp Fiction ... Fight Club ..
  6. check li.st for NYE updates from 🇺🇸
  7. Messaging friends still in 2016!
  8. Past by McDonalds for non-detox, lifesaving nourishment.
    "Smells like regret" .. not my words!
  9. After hours of Tarantino, I gave Stephanie a cooking lesson. She now knows how to make fresh pasta!
    ...with few cooking supplies and not the right flour!
  10. Started watching Flaked.
    Got the feels I might really get into this.
  11. Wash off any remaining 2016 and enjoy a few lists (socials) before my first slumber in this new and more promising year.