Cousin-Dog Shenanigans At The Beach ☀️

Missy and Abbey are cousins and absolutely love hanging out. Shout out to the Perth Weather-Gods for such a stunning winter day.
  1. We have to keep them apart on the journey there because they get stupid-excited in the tray of the ute/pick-up.
  2. "Let's GO, GO, GO!", as she pulls hard on her lead.
  3. Making frenz!
  4. "Um, so where's my crack-ball?"
  5. So much winter-weed. Living the high-life!
  6. 🎶 So we've come, to the end of the ... beach!
  7. Not quite, time to push past Leighton, to South Cottesloe
  8. Missy loves running.. even after imaginary crack-balls!
  9. "Quick Abbey, more frenz"
  10. "Swimming! OMG I love swimming. Swimming is the best"
  11. TFW a 40kg Bernese Mountain Dog sits on both your feet and then leans hard against your legs.
  12. "Missy NO, that's not your crack ball. Leave it"
  13. Playing at the beach is thirsty work!
  14. BEST . DAY . EVER (says Missy + Abbey)
    (Tbf, I said that too!)
  15. This is how you entice the Bernese back in the car!
  16. Dirty, exhausted puppies!
  17. Sweet fresh air..
  18. Big love, Abbey + Missy