I have this thing where I try cultured things I might not otherwise try. You never know when you might need such things!
  1. Drinking hard liquor straight
    This is how I got into martinis and whiskey.
  2. Smoke a cigar
    On the bucket list.
  3. Eat caviar, pâté, foie gras, oysters, truffles
    Eat all of the above with absolute contentment (as discussed with @jeremysomething I have somewhat sketchy memories of my foie gras moment!)
  4. [for the ladies] walk elegantly in 3 inch heels and a gown that either collapses your rib cage or has a train that has the potential to mess with those 3 inch heels.
    To be fair, I don't wear high high heels. Mostly out of comfort and I don't feel I need them. I will if the dress calls for it though. Elegance is in negotiating one of those gowns!
  5. Reading texts you expect might come in handy
    I think I read Jane Eyre for this reason. Can't recall why specifically I thought Jane Eyre might be of assistance. Needless to say, I loved Jane Eyre. Need to read so many more things (books, articles, quotes etc) to be cultured!
  6. ...more when I can think of things I've done for this exact purpose.
  7. Travel to exotic or unusual places
    I always imagine aristocratic people love tales of far flung lands. And, well, I love to travel so this is almost a scapegoat to my travel addiction.