I felt this stellar list, (MORNING BEAUTY BY A LAZY GIRL!..) needed its sequel!.. presenting my daily outfit ritual
  1. It's about comfort, speed to change into and well, yep.. that's all!
  2. Top to bottom
  3. HAIR: TOP KNOT.. I ain't got time for dry shampoo today. I dicked around on snap with @LeahG for too long!
    Just to prove that point!
  4. UNDERWEAR: LULULEMON SPORTS BRA + G.. Comfort, support and the G (thong) is a preference thing. Plus, I'm wearing tights, yo!
  5. TOP: COTTON TEE, GAP DENIM SHIRT, SCARF.. Autumn layering strategy. My fave GAP shirt has the biggest rip in the arm 😩 ..too lazy to mend
  6. BELOW: YOGA TIGHTS, TOMS FLATS.. So I'm opting for a high-waisted, lulu black tight today (my standard).. I'm too old to show my butt crack (I'll leave that to you hot-town millennials) .. oh and TOMS flats because I'm a philanthropist who puts comfort first!
    If you're strangely wondering my foot size.. I'm a 7.5-8. ☺️
  7. ..and that's how I tend to dress every day. Unless I'm facing an existential crisis.. then it's just a maxi dress (sweater optional).. life can get tough, yo!
    I don't really say, 'yo' that much IRL!