1. Hey Ma.
  2. First up, I love you.
    I know you love me too.
  3. I know I'm not living into the person you raised me to be.
  4. I am just hoping you know I am trying to be her and better and the person I feel authentically inside.
  5. I know you want the world for me and I know you think that's a quaint and nonsensical wish.
  6. The thing is, I do want the world 'for me' too. I don't want to feel mediocre. I want to lean into this brilliant feeling I still have a dim fire of inside.
  7. I don't feel that it is quaint and nonsensical. To me, it feels real.
  8. I want to live into my full expression Ma. Come what may. I want this for me and I want this for you. I know you wanted it too once.
  9. So Ma, please just keep on loving me. Whatever it is I do. However it is I get there. Even if it wasn't by your design.
  10. I love you Ma. Let's get coffee soon.
  11. Your 'middle one'.