1. The biggest thing to know about me is that I'm not a knick knack kinda gal. Not massive into space fillers!
  2. I'm a true Virgo in the sense that I'm into practical things like;
  3. Chocolate
    ...and all other forms of candy!
  4. Motivational postcards
    ...I'm so aware of postage costs to Australia (and within Australia!). Plus I pin these to my study schedule board!
  5. I'm cool with candles and scented things!
    Though maybe too bulky to send.
  6. Beauty things could be cool!
    Thanks for the hot tip @lexie_elyse!
  7. I just actually don't want for much, so this list is really hard to write!
  8. I also went into this to give, so there is that too!
  9. Ok. I'm shitty to buy for.. do your best Santa! 😬
  10. Big love, Jessica x
  11. ❤️+🎅🏼