1. It's a fact, and read it as you will, everyone loves a good BJ
  2. Except for once, my mind is not in the proverbial gutter and I'm talking about our illustrious leader.. Mr Novak.
    Ok, fine, @bjnovak
  3. Apparently this wise guy has been hard at work this week ;) ..promoting our beloved li.st (formerly known as @thelistapp, aka TLA)
    With his dashing partner-in-[what rhymes with crime and is tech related? I'll come back to that] @dev
  4. There were ripples across the app on Monday (well, Tuesday for some of us), when li.st was announced Android-friendly at TechCrunch
  5. New follower notifications popping up, welcome lists being written.. all very exciting!
    All very gentle.
  6. Then this happened..
    Well, what happened next can only be explained by the fact that everyone loves a good BJ!
  7. *ok, some context* ..I've squeezed onto some of the cool kids tables here at li.st and am friends with some of the recommended peeps (who you should follow!)
    You should also follow: @DawnCloud @LeahG
  8. After that tweet and I expect the show airing in the States, my recommended friends @Lisa_Fav and @franksars's feeds started blowing up!.. and I noticed others I am friends with experiencing the same..
  9. *insert voice over* "listers across the globe are reaching for their mobile devices.. little li.st notifications illuminating their screens [insert newbie name] is now following you"
    Listers smile with joy and delight
  10. We're so excited to have all these new peeps and future lists.
    The word brilliant is brilliant!