Kicking off your (39+ hour) multi time zonal birthday! Happy Birthday @bjnovak.. let us all celebrate with some of my fave YOU moments. Naturally I got you a list gift, I mean, what else do I get you for your birthday?!
  1. [INTERVIEW] Made Man's Speakeasy with Paul F Tompkins. This interview is ace, the speakeasy setting is ace.. All round ace interview! Cheers! 🍸
    Static ..and your BBC Radio interview is a close second.
  2. [STORY] One More Thing .. my fave changes depending on my mood/time of life etc.. Ahh, right now though.. probably Kellogg's.
    On this point, I beg of you to write another book. Beg. Also, side note: I think some of your short stories are short film worthy, like Sophia and Closure. Think about it. But first, more fiction please.
  3. [TWEET] ..this might be controversial - but - @keonovak's tweets are better than yours.. 😉
    Honestly.. hmm. Ok, truth?.. your koala tweet made me smile. 🐨 ..mind you, I was lazy and didn't scroll too far back.
  4. [LIST] ..when I first joined back in October, I spent some time reading your lists. This one stood out for me and made me happy. Why? Who knows exactly.. food makes me happy. Moving on!
    Great list! Veggie burgers? I'll need you to expand on this.. Food in My House
  5. [GIF] ..covering a multitude of sinners, you (this gif) have helped me to insult a lot of my friends.. moreover to graphically portray my disapproval or envy.
    I mean, yeah fan gals + guys, the wink gif is great.. but really, this is better! IMHO. 😉