Ok, born from a debate about hard nipples, I challenged my husband to name five non-sexual reasons for a dude getting a hard-on. Apparently not a great challenge! Though, I still dispute some of his answers. Feel free to add to the list..
  1. 1. Morning Glory
    Total bollocks! This has to be a deep rooted last minute ditch effort to purge sexual energy! I ain't buying it!
  2. 2. Drivers Dick
    I'm on the fence about this one! Hitting the old pleasure centers is essentially sexual. Nearly plausible.
  3. 3. Being super relaxed
    He referenced the kind of relaxed you can be in a spa.. to which I asked where he was in placement to the jets or the hot chick. Total skeptic about this one.
  4. 4. Busting to go to the toilet
    Apparently old mate can perk up to prevent accidents! I don't know if this is true or if he's bullshitting, but that would be fucking cool! This is like a superpower
  5. ...and he's fallen asleep before I could get the fifth!
    You see, I was a total skeptic and clearly wasn't paying attention when he first shared the list!