I often see a food pic or think about a particular dish and until I eat it, I crave it. These are some items I'm currently craving.
  1. Donut cone + soft serve from Jersey Jack Gelato
  2. Gnocchi
    So rare for me to crave Italian food (something psychological about it being forced down as a child!)
  3. This fruit loop donut from Top Dup
    I'm not one for sugar cereal now, but as a child (who was not allowed it) I would have beat up my sisters for a bowl of fruit loops 😏
  4. decadent chocolate brownie
    forgive the image, it was taken on an iphone3!! But those brownies at the Borough Markets were 😛
  5. Pineapple icecream
    I dreamt this up the other 40C day and according to Instagram, it very much exists.