For The Love Of Nepal, Vol. I

I fell truly, madly and deeply in love with Nepal. Here is part one of three lists I'll curate of this beautiful country. The first: my week in a Sangachok village in the Himalaya.
  1. sunrise over the mountains. sweet mountain dew kisses on my face. take my soul, it's yours.
  2. this little princess was skeptical of me. either way, she left an impression on my heart.
  3. playing 'heads, shoulders, knees and toes' with these princes at the local school.
  4. so much love for this view. I could stay in this village for much longer than one week.
  5. chasing my baby sister, who coincidentally left school without telling anyone.. all that sass.
  6. learning to make dhal. I've never sat in squat more in my entire life and I'm sure I never will (until I return to the village!)
  7. namaste + swag at the kindergarten
  8. pre-yoga tea ritual. the house that became our home. the one the earthquakes eventually destroyed.
  9. yoga every morning on the roof of the school. every morning the Himalaya dew blessed me.
  10. post-yoga breakfast. bikes. views. so much light and shade in the village: mobile phones, bikes and candle light and wood ovens.
  11. learning the delicate art of petal wreath making with my baby sister.
  12. the nights were all about the beers, local moonshine and all the stories and laughter. never laughed more in my life. the Nepali are so funny.
  13. goodbyes are a celebration of friendship, not a commiseration of loss. I loved that our farewell was dance and song.
    I still bawled like a baby though.